Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last night we had a nice evening of hanging out with the family, watching Star Trek Voyager (I love that our kids are science geeks), and having a delicious dinner (of leftover Star Pizza!).  It was a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day.  :)

My Valentines
You'll notice that one of my Valentines is "Lamby".  In fact, the "wallpaper" on my phone is currently a picture of Lamby that Marxo took with my phone.  She set it as my wallpaper as a joke about 6 months ago, but I've kept it because I love Lamby probably more than she does!  There are times when the kids aren't around, I'll hug Lamby and get sort of overwhelmed when I think about how much love must be encapsulated in that smashed, worn-out little body.

And the wine of choice for the evening was...

My current favorite wine :)
We first picked up this wine at the grocery store because it was not only a "Manager's Special" (and the manager takes his wine recommendations very seriously) but also because of the name and the label.  I mean, how could an engineer possibly pass up a wine called "Educated Guess" that has organic molecules drawn on the label?  And as a bonus, it's really good.

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