Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Halloween 2011

Well, I figure that since I was so late with my post about Labor Day this past year, this post about Halloween is actually early!  ...or something like that.

Some friends of ours usually have us over to their house for a pre-Trick-or-Treating party which generally involves eating, drinking, and the kids running and playing in the yard before we all head out on the quest for sugar.

This year, however, the usual hostess wasn't sure she'd be able to have the kids to her house, and in a moment of weakness, we decided to host the party ourselves, instead.  We don't have a yard for kids to run and play in, so this usually means that we try to avoid having large groups of children at our house.  However, since we had been inundated with mosquitoes a week before Halloween, we thought it might be good to have the pre-party inside anyway.

To prepare for the party, we figured we'd better decorate the house. (Marxo had been begging to decorate the house for a couple of weeks, but there had been too many mosquitoes to do anything outside until about 2 days before Halloween!)

Anyway, we finally dug out the decorations and Halloween-ified our front "yard":

Marxo helped with the decorations

And then worked on her acting
The final product
 We also carved a pumpkin just before everyone arrived.  I suggested that we use Marxo's mouth as a template, but she didn't think that was so funny.  ;)  Instead, she came up with this design:

She added the eyebrows at the last minute to make it "angry"!
Unfortunately, we didn't get any good pictures of the kids in their costumes.  Fellan wanted to be Indiana Jones (mostly, just so he could have a whip!) and for some reason, Marxo decided to be a butterfly.

Dude, check out my whip...
The party itself seemed to be a big success.  At least, the husband and I and the adults had a good time while the kids all watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".  And everyone seemed to get a good haul of candy by the end of the night, so everyone was happy!

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