Monday, November 28, 2011


Fellan got his new glasses on Tuesday afternoon and he absolutely loves them.  Weird kid.  ;)

But I'm loving them, too, because I think they actually are making a difference for him!  I've tried looking through them and they really don't make anything look different.  They're not corrective, but they seem to sort of "move" everything up from where they should be.  Hard to explain.

Anyway, we drove over to New Orleans for Thanksgiving and Fellan read out loud for about an hour an a half while we were driving.  I haven't heard him read out loud very much lately, but it seemed like he was much more fluent in his reading than he was before.  He finished a whole Jack and Annie book during the drive over and read two more while we were there!

Today is his first day at school with his glasses.  We told his teacher about them and she said she'll try to make sure he wears them when he's reading and writing, like he's supposed to.  I can't wait to ask him about his day tonight!

Here he is, looking studious.  (...and annoyed because I bothered him while he was reading!)

Mah...ahm, I'm trying to read here!

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