Monday, November 14, 2011

Super-full Weekend

This past weekend was not only full, it was super-full of activities!

We started the activities on Friday night with a rock-climbing outing with Marxo's Girl Scout Daisy troop.  Marxo and another little girl were the only ones who really seemed to love it.  The event was planned to last from 7pm to 9pm, and by the time all the adults were "belay certified" it was almost 8pm.  The girls spent their time "bouldering" until the adults were done but then I noticed that at around 8:30pm everyone else was getting ready to head home.

Not Marxo!  She LOVES climbing.  She and I stayed until 9:15pm when I had to put my foot down and tell her it was past bedtime and we really needed to leave.  She fell asleep in the car.

"Take the picture fast! I can't hold on much longer!"
I was able to get a good picture of her bouldering before we left, though. I was really impressed with her determination to make it up this over-hang thing.  Since she's pretty skinny, she's got a really good strength to weight ratio.

The next morning, there was a Boy Scout event that Fellan and the husband attended.  Fellan got to do all kinds of activities at this thing.  They had stations set up for geology, manners, soccer, water rockets, BB Guns (!), and flag football.  The boys apparently spent time at each station and I think they get badges or something like that for each one.  Anyway, Fellan had a great time.  He has been asking us for the past couple of years if he could join Cub Scouts, but we didn't want to make the time-commitment.  This year, we finally relented and he is 100% embracing everything about it.  It's fun to see him so excited.

Saturday afternoon, we had a wedding to attend and then Saturday night, there was a big birthday party celebration for a friend's daughter.  We excused ourselves early from that celebration at around 9:30pm!

On Sunday morning, we had to be to church early because we were asked to ring the Zen Bell and to be the "Chalice Lighters" at the church.  Each week, a different family gets to do this for the service and the kids were very excited to have such a big responsibility.

After church, we were looking forward to being able to relax a little before our dance class, but forgot that we had planned with a friend to go see the last Rice University home volleyball game at 2pm.  So, we ran off to the game and then went straight from there to dance classes.

You would think that after such an event-filled weekend, we wouldn't subject ourselves to anything else for Sunday night, but you would be wrong.  The world premiere of Art Car: The Movie was being held at Hermann Park at the Miller Outdoor Theater and we just couldn't pass that up.  The kids love going to the Art Car Parade each year and they really wanted to see the movie.  Unfortunately, even though the tickets said that it would start at 7:00pm, they had a band set up for pre-movie entertainment, so the movie didn't start until almost 7:45pm.  Which meant that the movie didn't finish until almost 9:45pm!

Marxo, once again, fell asleep in the car on the way home.  We're all looking forward to going to bed early tonight!

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