Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Conversations from the road

Husband: Was your grandpa a tall man?
Me: No.
H: Why are you and your brother taller than your parents?
Me: ???

H: What exactly is in "non-dairy creamer"?
Me: ???

H: "World's Oldest Buick" ahead!!
Me: :)

H: Ok, here's what we do: We'll move to the farm, take up farming, grow corn, then build an ethanol plant here.
Me: ???!!!

Me: Stop!!! There's a Runza - we have to get one before we get out of Nebraska!
H: (Slams on the brakes, misses the entrance, reverses 100 ft on the shoulder in order to get back to the gas station/Runza entrance - I told you they were good!)

Just a few highlights from the trip. More to come later. (Can you tell who was doing the driving and who was reading her book?)...

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