Monday, May 08, 2006

How many is too many?

I had to text-message my husband at lunchtime today. I went to Sam's Club down here by my office and found that the really cheap, but good red wine we discovered a couple weeks ago and tried to buy again at the Sam's close to our house, only to find out that they no longer had it stock, was actually in stock down here... wait, in this run-on sentence I seem to have gotten lost.

Yeah, so I found this really cheap, but good red wine at the Sam's down here by my office today. It comes in big 1.5L bottles and you get 2 of those suckers for only $10! That's the equivalent of $2.50 for a regular-sized bottle! And since we've become total addicts to HGTV and a glass of wine each night, we're in a constant search for this type of holy graile of wine deals.

Seeing as how the Sam's close to our house no longer had any of this glorious Texas Red and seeing as how the Sam's down here only had about 20 boxes of it left (you get 6 - 1.5L bottles in a box), I became panicky. Having learned the lesson of "when the last bottle of that vintage of wine is gone, you can NEVER get any more of it" once before (and seriously, isn't that so sad? something that you love could just go away suddenly like that?), I wondered, how many bottles of this stuff should I get?!

I texted my husband, "Found it! Is 18 too much?"

Sensing my urgency, he immediately called me. We discussed and debated. Well, you know, we'll drink it. And really, if we usually try to buy cheap, but good wine for around $8/bottle, then that's more than a $100 savings - even more if we splurge on the wine we love for $14/bottle.

Oh, what to do, what to do...

In the end I got 24!


Courtney said...

Is it in the back of your car right now?

I wish I had a camera phone...

--m said...

Sara, thanks for the comment you left me. I haven't written in the blog format for a while so thanks for the encouragement.

Also, the name of your blog -- not sure if you should accept the Echo theory yet. It's funny because I just yesterday heard an awesome sermon that essentially said "don't settle for being an echo." Let me know if you want a link to it.

Veronica Mitchell said...

Ah, Sam's. In our family it's practically a spa.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, and good luck on finding more of that vintage you like.

Sara said...

Courtney - I did have it in the car and for the entire afternoon, I was just sure it was going to get too hot and explode in the trunk. I parked in the shade and it was cloudy for most of the afternoon, so all was well.

--m - you're right - I don't mean to settle for being an echo and I try to have my own thoughts and voice. I named the blog kind of cynically in the thought that a lot of people are just echos of what they've been told. However, I think it's also true that a person is the sum of all their past experiences, both good and bad, and that is more of the true meaning of the title. :)
(and start writing again soon!)