Thursday, May 11, 2006

No more Bakalah

In honor of my baby girl turning 19 months old today, I thought I should post something about her!

One thing that I'm very sad about these days is that she has started saying "bike". Oh, you think I should be happy about that? Well, the problem is that she used to say "bakalah" for bicycle and it was just so. darn. cute. It made my heart melt every time she said it. The boy even started saying it. But now it's gone. *sniff*

And instead, she has started speaking in complete sentences. The nerve. She says things like, "I did it!" and "Did you see that?" and "Pfeed me!!!!!" There for awhile, she was saying "Omango" for "Oatmeal", but now she's back to saying, "Oatmeal". I guess she's got to grow up sometime...

She's picking up lots of things from her big brother. Specifically, most of the complete sentences she says. But last night, she started doing this finger-pointing thing. The boy, when he wants to really make a point about something, holds his index finger up and moves his hand to emphasize whatever it is he's saying. And last night, the girl did exactly the same thing. I laughed out loud and I really wish I could remember what she said, because man, it was just too funny!

She's also picked up her brother's love for trucks and cars. She loves to look at them and play with them. She wears his out-grown PJ's to bed these days and she really likes the ones that have the trucks on them. And I decided to recycle his old socks for her - today she's wearing some socks with tow trucks on them. She kept pointing down to her feet during breakfast saying, "Socks. Tow trucks!" I'm sure the Nanny and Grammy are appalled. :)

Her hair has grown over her eyes now and after Grandma 'Braska tried and tried to get her to wear barrettes in her hair a couple of weeks ago, she has finally relented. She'll actually let me put a barrette in her hair and sometimes even leaves it there for more than 2 minutes. Apparently yesterday, though, she pulled her barrette out of her hair and threw it while they were in the park. Looks like we'll be buying lots of packages of barrettes.

In other big developmental news, it seems she can actually jump these days! We witnessed her feet leaving the ground the other day. I think there was maybe even a full inch of air under those little feet. She has tried and tried to jump for months now, but has never left the ground. And every time she would try, I just had to laugh out loud because she looked so cute in her attempts. Plus, it amazed me that she couldn't jump. The boy started jumping - big jumps - almost immediately after he started walking. He was a jumping maniac! And I know you're not supposed to compare your children, but I find the differences between them to be fascinating.

Now, if we could just get her to stop running like such a girly-girl (she holds her hands up by the sides of her chest and "gallops" with her right foot ahead of the left), we'll be in business. :)

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Courtney said...

My favorite of my little girl- "scoob over"