Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where to start?

It seems like so long ago since I've written here, but it was less than a week ago. So many things have happened since then!

My parents were here for the boy's 3rd birthday. We all had a good time and we managed to finally get rid of the big pile of gravel while they were here, too.

Since the forecast was for rain on Friday, we spent Thursday afternoon taking care of most of the gravel by putting it in our neighbor's landscaping (don't worry, we discussed it with her first!). It turned out really well and used up most of the remaining pile. My dad helped us with that chore while my mom was "stuck" with the kids inside. (I don't think she minded it too much) (Well, except that she seems to have a permanent red mark on her knee from playing horsey on our hard wood floors...) And we were able to get rid of the rest of the gravel on Sunday - put another thin layer of gravel on the walkway and then saved some in the wheel barrow for anything that needs to be fixed in the next month or so.

Friday was the boy's birthday - we gave him a sandbox. We soon realized that we should have thought of this and given him the sandbox 3 weeks ago when it would have really come in handy to have the kids occupied while we were working on the walkway. Hindsight, you know.

Saturday was supposed to be the day of his party - we planned to have it at Hermann Park and go ride the little train - but Saturday morning, it poured down rain. We ended up cancelling the party and just having the family at our house, plus one of the little girls that our son plays with every day. We actually got to witness him telling her that he loves her, so that was cute. (Well, he tells everyone that he loves them, but we didn't want to burst her little 2-year-old bubble.)

On Sunday, it was time for the grandparents to head home with their camera full of pictures. The kids were sad to see them go. (and we were, too, of course!)

We had a really good visit. And tiring, too. It's kind of nice to be back at work where I don't have to be planning something, or cleaning up, or doing landscaping. Now it's back to the regular mundane life. :)

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Anonymous said...

Do you know how much it would have cost for the rolls of film and processing for those 255 pictures they took? That digital camera's just the gift that keeps on giving! :)