Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Marxo's Story

The girl's birthday is in October and that will make her one of the oldest for her class. In fact, we really feel like she was ready to start school this past fall, but the school rules don't permit it.

So, when a friend of ours from school suggested that Marxo and their daughter begin going to "school" once a week at another place, we jumped at the chance.

Last Thursday was her first day at "school". It's actually very similar to Fellan's school in their approach to child-centered play and activity. AND they do the story-telling thing, too. Fellan's first story was rather short. Marxo's however...
Once upon a time, there was a little girl monster. All her friends came over. They played games. Then they went to the park. They played dirt cake. Mommy and Daddy and Blanca monster came. They played dirt cake. Then they put sprinkles on and decorate. They all went home.
A monster came with a bulldozer and tore the house down. They had to move to another house. The End.
I really can't wait to hear her next story. :)

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