Monday, January 07, 2008


This year, the boy asked Santa Claus for a Smart Cycle (we were so proud!). And to go along with the exercise theme, Santa brought the girl a Jump Smart Trampoline.

So, at 7am on Christmas morning, we woke to the thumping of little feet running on the floor and the yelling of a child's voice: "Marxo, Marxo, you gotta come see what Santa brought me!!! It's a bicycle with no wheels and you pedal it and you gotta come see!!!!"

We had forgotten to tell Fellan that when he woke up, he should come get us so we could all go see what Santa brought (you know, so we could capture the footage on tape!).

The presents from Santa were a great hit. However, it seems that Santa's workshop sent us a bum Smart Cycle. It works for about 20-30 seconds and then it says, "Goodbye!" and the TV screen goes blue. Both the kids got good at rebooting the thing and starting over every time, but it really made us mad.

We called Santa's workshop and we have to send back some of the parts (the "petals", as the e-mail states, and the main power cord); then they'll send us another one - in 8 to 12 weeks! Uhg.

Thank goodness for the trampoline! The boy has kind of taken that over as his (but the girl gets some time on it, too). I swear, on Christmas Day, Fellan jumped on the thing all day long. I'm seriously not exaggerating. He would jump from the trampoline over to the couch and sit for about 15 seconds, but then would jump straight back on the thing.

It's been good for wearing him down. (which, of course, was the intent!) :)

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