Friday, January 11, 2008

Working, not wandering

Yesterday afternoon I spent about half an hour talking to my friend about his new girlfriend and I got so much work done while talking to him, I was amazed. He kind of jokingly made the comment that it was because our conversation took up the part of my mind that would usually be wandering, but it really is true!

So, I had to come to work today (supposed to be my day off) and I decided that while I'm finishing up the drawing on which I was working while talking yesterday, I'd occupy the part of my mind that would be wandering by listening to the music I have on my computer here at work. (Nope, no iPod for me - I had an iPod Shuffle for about 2 weeks after Christmas last year and then lost it. What a waste.)

The playlist? Norah Jones, Metallica, Gypsy Kings, Nine Inch Nails, The Subdudes, Barenaked Ladies, Sting, Jack Johnson, and Ok Go. I really need to add some "best of" Scorpions and "oldies" Beastie Boys (which I just got for Christmas!) to make it complete... and completely eclectic. :) What's on your playlist?

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