Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weekend Warriors

This past weekend, we spent much of our time working on the kids' bedroom. We got almost everything done, but there are still a couple of small projects that need to be finished before I can take a picture and post it. But maybe I should start the story from the beginning.

In early December, we got out all the Christmas decorations so that we could decorate the house. But the spot where the tree goes was completely filled up with a pile of toys. So, we decided enough was enough, the toys needed a permanent home elsewhere. We moved them up to the kids' bedroom.

However, even after cleaning out the closet, there still wasn't room for all their toys. So, we decided to go ahead and convert their beds into a bunk bed. That was always our intent, however, until that very moment in time, we had always thought it would be too dangerous for a 4-year-old (specifically our 4-year-old) to sleep on the top bunk of a bunkbed. Well, forget that! We needed the room, so we did it.

The kids were so excited about it, they didn't sleep for about a week. Eventually, they calmed down and things have been pretty much back to normal since. However, we didn't like the layout of the furniture. Everything was just lined up against the walls - no depth!

So, we made yet another trip to IKEA and got another storage shelf to use as kind of a room divider and decided that we'd like to get a drop-leaf table for them to use as a desk in their room. Of course, the drop-leaf table is not in stock, so we're going to have to wait a little while for that.

We also thought it would be cool to get a "bed tent" for Fellan's bed and then put a curtain down below for Marxo to create a private space for her (even though she's three, she thinks she's about 13!). So, this past weekend we purchased the bed tent (but it didn't fit :( ) and found some fabric. I actually got out my sewing machine and figured out how to use it again so that I could hem the edges of the fabric. Now we just need to find some kind of hospital track curtain stuff to put up under the top bunk.

As soon as the project is done, I'll definitely post some pictures. The husband and I think the room is "awesome" (Fellan's favorite word these days), but I'm not sure the kids are nearly as impressed as we are.

Next up: the Master Bedroom.

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