Monday, January 21, 2008


Fellan's favorite word for the last couple of weeks has been "poo-poo". He uses it in every sentence as an adjective and also replaces nouns in sentences with it. As in, "I'm going to take a poo-poo bath in the poo-poo."

At school, they keep telling him (and all the other kids - he is not alone in his over-use of this word) that poo-poo is something your body does and that it's a word you use only in the bathroom. And we have had many talks with him about his improper usage of the word.

So, last week, as Fellan and Marxo were taking "big bath" in our bathtub, I wandered in to check on them and Fellan asked me, "Mommy, is this a bathroom?" I replied, "Yes," not realizing what was coming...

He promptly said, "Poo-pooooooo!!!" with glee.

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