Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On working out

I have always told my husband that I don't necessarily like working out.  (Really, I'm lazy at heart.)  But, I love the feeling of having worked out.  I love feeling the tiredness of my muscles and the after-burn in my lungs.

On Monday, I forgot my shoes and my toiletries which meant that I didn't work out at lunchtime.  I felt bad all day.  But for the last two days, I have been able to get my workout in.  And I feel great!

Also, I just have to make this observation:  Some people are a little possessive about their possessions.  Yes, that's redundant, but I've noticed that some of the people at my office fitness center bring their belongings from the locker room into the workout room.  Today, one woman had her bag hanging off the handrail of the treadmill on which she was running.

Ok, I admit that there are no locks provided for the lockers, but you are required to get special access added to your work badge to get into the place and there are really not that many people in the place to start with!  The thought never crossed my mind that my stuff wouldn't be safe in the locker room.  Call me naive, I guess, but I have no intention of hauling my crap around with me from one place to another in there.  Jeesh.

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