Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Proof of (at least temporary) organization!

I'm really having trouble getting myself back into the swing of work after being out so long!  I haven't made it to work on time yet this week.  (well, that's only two days so far)

I was talking with a friend on Sunday and she mentioned how tired the kids looked.  I told her it was because I woke them up at 7:30 that morning to try to get them accustomed to "school time" again.  And then I mentioned to her how tired I was because of it also!  We had all quickly slipped into the stay-up-late-sleep-in mode during our winter break and got very used to lazing around the house all day.  So, during this particular conversation on Sunday, we coined a new phrase "Winter Break: All the jet lag of transpacific flight without the travel."  Ha!

Anyway, last night when I got home, I wandered into the living room and soaked in the peaceful calm feeling that accompanies a clean, organized space.  I can't get enough of it.  I'm really hoping this cleanliness will continue.

And after the kids went to bed, I went through and took some pictures of the wondrous sights.

(cue the angel chorus...)

The two shelves on the bottom of the bookshelf to the left of the fireplace is what we "reclaimed" from the kids and we added those storage ottomans.  Back by the stairs, you can make out the "Drawing Center" that we put together for the kids.  Here's a closer picture:

We managed to find some boxes that fit our existing shelves perfectly and then found the drawer unit that's sitting on top of it at the Container Store.  Now, what's really ridiculous is that everything there is chock-full of stuff.  The drawer unit has two drawers full of markers, two drawers of crayons, one drawer of colored pencils, and one drawer for miscellaneous stuff like scissors, glue sticks, etc.  But hey, it's organized and the kids can now find what they want and we never have to buy anything new for them again because this supply should last for the rest of their school days!  Ahhh... I can't wait to get home.  :)

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