Monday, January 31, 2011


We are continuing our campaign against clutter in our house and also continuing to try to lose weight!

First, the clutter.  On Friday, we were able to rid our house of another car-full of stuff.  This time, it was donated to the preschool garage sale.  We're not attending that preschool anymore, since both the kids are now in elementary school, but it's still a good cause.  :)

We had spent the previous weekend getting rid of bunches of stuff from the kids' room and we finished up with it on Friday.  I had convinced Marxo that it would be OK to give away her pink kitchen to a friend's daughter by telling her that we would replace the kitchen with a couch for her and Fellan so they could hang out with their "peeps" in their room.

So, on Saturday, we headed off to IKEA to pick out a couch for them.  We ended up getting a couch that folds out into a bed so that when the kids have friends spend the night, we can unfold the couch.  Of course, we will have to physically pick up and move the couch out into the center of their room in order to accomplish this, but that's beside the point.  (I'll try to remember to take a picture tonight and post it tomorrow...)

And we continued our purging efforts yesterday with our room.  I cleaned out most of my dresser and we put together the console desk thing that's going to replace it.  We still have more to do on our room, but inch by inch, I can feel us getting closer to having an organized house.

On the weight-loss front, we've determined that it's really horrible to weigh-in on Monday mornings.  I'm up 2 pounds from my Thursday morning weigh-in.  But, in general, I'm still heading in the right direction.

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