Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sports Closet Re-Org

So, this past Friday's mission was to re-organize the "Sports Closet".  We used to have a bunch of coats that filled up the right-hand side of the closet.  However, after realizing that we live in Houston and we haven't had to open that side of the closet for the 12 years that we've lived in our house, we decided that space would be better used if we put up some shelves!  So, we partook of the Container Store's 30% off sale and bought ourselves some Elfa shelves and drawers.

The left-hand side, decluttered.

The right-hand side, shelf-i-cized.
The drawers were the things that we really wanted.  And they were almost half of the total price!  :o  But, I love them.  In one drawer, we have our bicycling gloves and bicycling headbands and in the other drawer, we have all the kids' hats, gloves, and scarves.  (They haven't figured out they live in Houston yet.)

Next up, pictures of the garage!  I know, how exciting!

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