Thursday, January 27, 2011

Engineers = Social Ineptitude

So, I'm an engineer and every day I spend the entire day around other engineers and I've got to tell you - in case you didn't know - engineers are generally just socially inept.  I try not to be, but I'm sure some people think I'm a little 'off'.

However, I swear I'm not as bad as one guy who sits in my cubicle bay.  We have sort of an open-office layout where four cubicles make one "bay" with no walls between us.  There are currently three of us in the bay - two women and one man.

On Monday, I walked into our cubicle bay just in time for the guy in our bay to have a loud, obnoxious sneezing fit.  At least he was sneezing down towards the floor, but there was no effort to cover his mouth at all.

This sneezing and coughing continued for the next two and a half days and I felt really sorry for the woman who sits right next to him.  She's pregnant, but in her first trimester, so she hasn't told everyone about it and he just kept sneezing and coughing all over her!  It's a miracle that she hasn't gotten sick yet.  Yesterday she and I both felt a little under the weather, but we seem to be doing better today.  We've been popping Vitamin C pills like they were Tic Tacs.

Since I wasn't feeling all that great yesterday, I took it very easy during my lunchtime workout.  I think that was a good idea because today, I feel great!  I rode the bicycle trainer for almost an hour and lifted weights like a maniac.  I'm on a workout-related endorphin overload this afternoon.  :)

This morning was also a weigh-in day for the husband and me.  I've been having a hard time forcing myself to watch what I'm eating every day - I keep cheating throughout the weekends!  So I decided to make us a weigh-in schedule and include our goal weights for the next three months.  We have to weigh ourselves every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday and record the damage.  :/

According to the scale this morning, I have until Monday to lose one more pound.  Which, unfortunately, will only get me back to my goal weight from Fatty's Weight Loss Challenge!  I'll have ten pounds to go from there to get to my final goal weight before the end of March.  The ultimate goal is to be lean and fit by the time I turn 40 in April!!!

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