Thursday, January 13, 2011

We both won something!

After our success in Fatty's Weight Loss Challenge, we posted our weights and waited to see if we won any of the fabulous prizes.

Turns out, we did!

The husband received an e-mail from Fatty saying that he had won something and that he should be on the lookout for something to come in the mail.  We were really hoping it would be the jersey signed by Levi Leipheimer, Lance Armstrong, and Bob Roll:

And we were secretly hoping that it wouldn't be one of the 100 Miles of Nowhere shirt because we would then feel obligated to actually do 100 miles of nowhere.

So on Monday afternoon, I got an e-mail from the husband, the text of which said, "Noooooo!" and this picture was attached...

Yep, looks like we'll be nursing some saddle sores soon.

At almost the exact same time as I got that e-mail from the husband, I got an e-mail from Performance telling me that I won one of the helmets!
(I haven't gotten the actual helmet yet)

Not bad for a little pain and suffering.  :)

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