Saturday, April 01, 2006

They're Sprouting!!

The most amazing thing happened yesterday. I decided since it hadn't rained yet yesterday that I should go out and water the dirt in my container garden.

Imagine my surprise when I looked out there and there were several little green things popping up through the surface of the soil! They're actually sprouting! This first picture is an up-close and personal with a couple of my little pea-sprouts.

And the second picture here is a shot of some of the flower sprouts. (I don't remember the flower name!)

Bouyed by this unexpected success (yes, I'm claiming success now that something has actually begun to grow - anything else is pure icing on the cake!) I came back inside and finally planted my herb seeds in the little "starter" pots that I got for them.

But wait, it gets better! ALL of the plants I planted in my containers last weekend have sprouted. The cucumbers, the peas, and the two different types of flowers. Just in one day, the cucumbers have grown to about an inch tall! Ha! What a green thumb I have! :)

(now if you don't hear anything more about this, you may assume that I've somehow killed them all...)


Lee said...

There you go! You're a natural!

Sara said...

I'm pretty sure it has to do with the Miracle Grow potting soil that I used. You could plant dry roasted peanuts in that stuff and it would grow! :)

I'll keep you informed on the developments, though!

Lee said...

Now, now...the golden rule of gardening: Take credit for all things that grow, blame the dog for all things that die. Blame the neighbour's dog, if necessary. Blame the neighour as a last resort.