Monday, April 24, 2006

Walkway Update 1

So, the walkway is not done. But it's getting closer!

The husband spent lots and lots of time yesterday hauling load after load of decomposed granite gravel and dumping it into what is to become our walkway. I only spent some time out there helping because the rest of the time was spent trying to soothe the little girl, who developed a runny nose and cough yesterday. The coughing prevented her from taking her normal nap yesterday, so by the end of the day, both kids were napless - not fun.

But getting back to the walkway, we still need to tamp down the entire thing some more and add yet another layer of gravel. We put in some dirt for the plants that we'd like to plant next to our neighbor's driveway, but now we're not sure what plants we're going to use.

We had been thinking that we would use dwarf mondo grass because it doesn't need to be mowed and it just looks good! However, some of the things I've read about it say that it doesn't do well in full sun. So, we're not sure about it now. We're going to have to look around the neighborhood, see if anyone has it growing in full sun and then ask questions at a plant nursery, I think.

We do need to get most of this done, though in the next day or so because it's supposed to rain again maybe tomorrow and we don't want everything to get washed away before we can tamp and plant! I'll continue to update you. (Since I know you're just sitting on the edge of your seat reading these updates! Ha!)

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