Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Walkway - Final Update

Or, maybe I should entitle this post "Planting by Moonlight". Whatever the case, we're declaring the walkway finished!! w00t!

After work last night, we hauled the kids out to the hardware store to get some downspout re-director things and then went to the plant nursery to buy some plants. We scored some mondo grass (regular, not dwarf) - 10 for $25 - and tiny little italian cypress tree for only $13. (My husband LOVES italian cypress trees - in fact, I'm surprised he didn't suggest just doing an entire row of italian cypress trees instead of the mondo grass. (Now after reading this, he's going to realize he missed a great opportunity!))

So, we finally got around to eating supper at almost 8:00, got the kids to bed, asked the neighbor to turn on the light over her garage, and went about planting the goods. (The forecast is for rain again today and we didn't want to get screwed by the rain again!)

By 11:45, we were finished. And here I'm going to prove to you that I'm not a graphic designer by posting my oh-so-beautifully-photo-shopped pictures of the before and after for this glorious walkway! (I tried to draw some "rays" shooting out from the glorious walkway, but couldn't get that right, so just pretend that the smudging looks crepuscular.)

And now we need to figure out what to do with this:


Courtney said...

I am glad you explained the rays. My first thought was why you were fuzzing out the houses. Like some cyberstalker was going to figure out where you live based on your stucco?

And then I thought, I saw those pics earlier and they didn't look like that. Why is it so foggy around them?

Yes, they are craptacular :)

Sara said...

See, in the first picture, I did the smudging in circular and random ways - signifying the yucky haziness I would get when I looked at all the weeds and grass (which, by the way in the first picture, we had already removed half of).

Then in the second picture, I tried to make them look craptacular. Crepuscular. Whatever.

But truthfully, I was kind of worried about someone internet stalking us. You never know what people are capable of, you know! :)