Friday, March 10, 2006


Since both hubby's and my clothing has seemed to be shrinking lately, we've decided we'd really better get back into some kind of exercise routine. We're also hoping that adding exercise back into our lives will help us to stretch our patience a little further than the current 2-second breaking point.

Anyway, we prefer to do things all together as a family, so going for bike rides is a perfect way for us to get some exercise while the kids get to see all kinds of cool things like trains, ducks, bayous, and puppies. :)

Both kids like to go for bike rides and the girl has taken to expressing her excitement every time we mention going bicycling by raising her arms over her head and yelling, "Bakalah!" Which, obviously means, Bicycle!


Courtney said...

I am really hoping the weather holds out this weekend so that we can get in some family biking ourselves. I'd say we could meet, but we ride at the pace of the boy. Quite slow and I am not sure it counts as exercise.

shara said...

Of course bakalah means bicycle, and it's so much more fun to say. As long as the meaning gets transmitted, does the word matter all that much?