Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Loose Tooth!

I kept forgetting to post this for the last few days, but Fellan has his first loose tooth! Seemingly all of his other little kindergarten friends have lost at least 1 tooth so far, so Fellan has been desperate to get a loose tooth.

Finally, last week, he was saying that his bottom front teeth were sore. I relented and told him to let me try to wiggle them. He's been talking about having loose teeth for about 5 months thus far, so I was really surprised to find that one of those teeth gave a little when I pushed on it. And last night, he told me to check his tooth again - now both of the front teeth in the bottom are getting loose.

We went to the dentist last summer and had the kids' teeth cleaned. They took an X-ray of Fellan's mouth and discovered that he has some really BIG teeth waiting to come it. We're kind of figuring that these two baby teeth are going to be replaced by one huge permanent tooth.

I thought awkwardness only came with adolescence, but I'm afraid it's going to come early for our formerly cutest of cute little boy. :)

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