Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sports Closet

You know, some people with brand new houses have these fancy spaces called "mud rooms." The rest of us poor souls have to make do with horribly out-dated spaces that aren't called anything but maybe an "entry hall" or "landing" or "that's the door to the garage."

Actually, we've always referred to the coat closet just inside the door to the garage as our "sports closet." It's where we keep our bicycling shoes and helmets and old baseball/softball gloves, etc. With the addition of two kids, that closet has become horribly disorganized and it finally became impossible to fit everything in there.

Until the New Year's weekend, that is! Through the years, we eventually figured out it was better to hang the coats on the back of the door and try to find a place for the shoes that the kids immediately remove upon entering house.

Here's the final product...

Doors to sports closet

That's the door to the garage

Shoe Bench

Inside - yay!

Everything fits!

Next up - the master bedroom closet!

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