Monday, January 19, 2009

What's better than checking on your sleeping child?

What's better than checking on your sleeping child before going to bed? Checking on your sleeping child and finding your two children sleeping, snuggled together, in the same bed.

On Friday night, the kids told me that they were going to trade beds for the night. But I guess they were too exhausted to actually make the switch before they fell asleep.

On Saturday, they said they were also going to switch beds, but after I left the room. I fell asleep before going in to check on them and they were up before I was completely coherent, so I didn't know until late in the afternoon, that they had decided to sleep together the previous night. I wasn't really convinced, but thought it might have been a possiblity...

Last night, Fellan wanted to sleep in his sleeping bag on the floor. Since today is a school holiday, I told him that would be fine. I didn't actually expect him to sleep on the floor all night, though, because every time he begs us for permission to sleep in his sleeping bag, he always gets up and gets into his own bed because I guess he gets too uncomfortable, or too hot, or something.

When I went in to check on them, then, I was not surprised that he was not in his sleeping bag. But I was surprised to find him and Marxo actually snuggled up in her bed together.

Very sweet.

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