Thursday, January 15, 2009

Comcast is a horrible, horrible company

I just want to let anyone who reads this (all two people) that Comcast is a horrible, horrible company.

We canceled our service in November and turned in our equipment and then got a bill for our remaining service in December. Well, we started getting calls from a collection agency. We paid our bill and called Comcast.

Turns out that the money you owe for your remaining monthly service is due within 14 days of canceling your service and they turn you over to a collection agency immediately thereafter. This was not explained to us when we canceled our service and nothing was said to us when we turned in our equipment.

Now, the real kicker is that we had two accounts with them. One for the house and one for the office. They owe us $170 on one of those accounts and we still haven't seen that money. You know what they said when we asked how long it's going to take for us to get that money? Four to six weeks. WTF? They turn us over to a collection agency without billing us and then they say that we can't get our money from them for four to six weeks?!


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Courtney said...

That kind of stuff just burns me up!!! 2 weeks is insane!