Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fever Update

Luckily, we did not end up (pun intented) attempting to give the boy a suppository for his fever. We finally decided that since he was acting fine and still drinking fluids that maybe it wasn't really necessary to reduce his fever. And it went away on its own. Yesterday there was no fever and he started eating a little bit again. Hopefully today, he'll be hungry again and back to his usual big-portion-eating self.

The nanny called in sick yesterday, so hubby and the kids actually came to my office for lunch and general work-disruption on my floor. After we ate our lunch down in the cafeteria, we came up to my office so that baby boy could help me feed my fish. He was really mad when I came back to work last June and brought one of the fish tanks back with me, so he always asks me about them when I talk about the office. "You have your fish there?" It's very cute.

Anyway, it's always fun to bring the kids up here and cause a little mayhem to break up everyone's workday. Aside from one screaming fit by baby boy when I took away the choking hazard, I mean, hard candy someone gave him, we managed to not cause too much of a scene, and it's always fun then to have everyone tell you how cute your kids are afterwards. :)

Today we have to take baby girl for her 15-month checkup and shots. Should be fun.

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