Monday, January 23, 2006

Table Bed

Well, as of Thursday last week, hubby's company actually owns some working interest in a few oil and gas properties! He's totally stressed out now. I was thinking that he would be all happy and excited about this prospect and now that it's done, he's turning psycho! I guess that's what owning a business does to you. :)

As a part of starting his own company, he's slowly turning our guest bedroom into his office and part of that process involved buying a table bed. The husband has always wanted a murphy bed and I'm now convinced the whole reason he wanted to start his own company was just so that he would have an excuse to convert the downstairs room and get one like this!

Anyway, the table bed showed up (in 7 flat boxes) on Friday, so we spent our free time (naptime and after-bedtime) attempting to put the thing together. There are 17 steps in the assembly of said bed and each step comes with a separate bag of hardware required for the assembly. The instructions actually say to PLEASE follow the directions. "Even if you're the type of person who likes to figure things out on your own, please follow these directions. The assembly is NOT intuitive."

So, armed with the checklist and the 400 pages of instructions, we set about putting it together. It really isn't that bad - it's very well-presented and easy to follow. The problem is that the thing weighs about 56,000 pounds, making the individual pieces of the bed around 3,000 pounds each. And as you can see from the picture, it's also quite a formidable sized piece of furniture, so trying to get all those individual pieces wrestled around in our room has been kind of challenging.

We managed to get the thing about halfway done yesterday - we made it to step number 8, I think.

Best quote of the day came from hubby: "They probably don't really have to be that tight (referring to the set of screws we were working on). I'm sure they're overkill, anyway." and as I started laughing, he added, "I mean, don't you think they probably could have gotten by with 20 screws for this part instead of 26?"

Good logic. We build strong table bed.

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Courtney said...

lol- yes, major stress!!!

like the bed- I wanna see!!