Monday, January 30, 2006


I have two things to report that were actually successful - amazing for us, I know!

The first: We finished putting the table bed together! We actually finished most of it on Tuesday when the boy was busy throwing his clothes-less tantrum upstairs, but were unable to finish it completely because one of the screws they sent us was the wrong size. When hubby called them about it on Wednesday, they said they had had several people who had gotten the wrong screws and would send it to us immediately. They actually did! We got the screws on Thursday and finished it and it's actually complete. Ok, except for the mattress. We plan to put the mattress from our bed on the table bed and then get ourselves a new one, but haven't gotten around to that yet.

The second: We moved baby girl out of our room and into the room with her big brother. We only have two bedrooms on our third floor and have always planned on the kids sharing the second bedroom, but since it took so long for baby girl to consistently sleep through the night, it has taken until now for us to finally take the plunge and move her out. I was very nervous about it because I was just sure baby girl would wake up in the middle of the night, not know where she was, and start screaming like a banshee, which would then wake up baby boy. However, we all slept peacefully until 7:00 Sunday morning. I was (happily) amazed.

I was also hesitant about how the kids (or if the kids) would go to sleep in the same room. Saturday night was no problem because they were both tired, but last night, they were both a little wired when we turned off the light at 8:30. I listened to them for awhile after the lights were out and peeked around the corner to look in on them, too. They were talking back and forth, laughing, and giving "high fives". It was very cute. Then the boy actually said something that was both wonderous and amazing, "It's time to lay down and go night-night." And he laid down and started the process of trying to go to sleep. Baby girl still played by herself and squealed and laughed for awhile, apparently so happy to be with her big brother, whom she thinks is the coolest thing in the world. But by about 9:15, they were both asleep.

They were still asleep when I left for work this morning at 6:30 and apparently, they slept until about 7:00, when the boy woke up and started asking the girl, "Are you awake yet? Are you awake yet?! Are you awake yet?!!!!" Yeah, she finally woke up.

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