Friday, January 13, 2006

The stats

Ok, here are the stats from baby girl's visit to the doctor:

Height: 30.75" (60th percentile)
Weight: 20 lbs, 11 oz (15th percentile)

But husband swears that she's actually a little taller than that - they didn't do a good job of stretching her out. :) (I wasn't able to go to the check-up)

So, it looks like she's still kind of tall and skinny. Although last night she looked like she had the biggest beer belly sticking out over her pants. And when I commented on it to her, she grabbed and rubbed her belly - it was so funny!

She got three vaccinations, including the chicken pox one. I still think that's silly - I think kids should just get the chicken pox and be done with it - but the doctor swears there's a higher and higher incidence of bacterial infections in the sores, including the flesh-eating bacteria, and they don't want to take those risks. Ok, whatever.

In other news about baby girl, she now says several words very clearly. Including "airplane!" And she will always very deliberately put down her fork/spoon and make the sign for "more" when I ask her if she wants more of something she's eating. Now, don't ever try to get her to actually say or do any of this on demand, however. She seems to suffer from acute perfomance anxiety and I don't like to put her through that. :)

Actually, I always feel like I'm trying to convince people we own a talking cat (or similar) whenever we try to get her to do something. "Really, the cat talks - I'm not crazy!!! Just wait a few minutes. She'll do it right when you turn away. There - did you hear that?! No? Wait for it...." And she just sits there with a completely blank stare.

Anyway, it's just about the weekend and it couldn't come any more quickly. Too bad I'm going to have to take work home to do over the weekend. But at least I get paid for it...


Scott said...

Do children ever die of chicken pox?
I'll work on the blog soon.

Courtney said...

50 hour work weeks. Yippe....ugh.