Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend of Fun

So, this weekend turned out to be a good time for all!

It started out on Friday when I didn't have to go to work! That was nice. It allowed the husband and I to go out for a bike ride together without the kids - that was very nice!! Especially since the boy has decided recently that he wants to ride on my bike and not daddy's bike. "What could be wrong with that?" you might ask. Well, the boy weighs about 37 pounds and the girl only weighs around 22. That's 15 extra pounds. And when I've got a good 20 extra pounds of body weight on myself to haul around, PLUS one of the kids, going for a bike ride is turning into some serious strength training, instead of fun, aerobic activity!

Saturday we attended a 3-year-old's birthday party, complete with one of those inflatable moonwalk jumpy things. It was a little girl's party, so the theme was "Disney Princesses" with all things pink and frilly. The most fun thing for me at the party was when I asked the boy which plate he would like to eat off of: the butterfly one or the princess one? He immediately chose the princess one - I'm glad he hasn't yet figured out that, as a boy, he's not supposed to like princesses. :)

On Sunday, we went for a family bike ride and the boy wanted to ride on my bike again - ugh! But, one of the cool things about living in Houston is that quite frequently we end up getting some sort of unexpected treat during a bike ride. Sometimes we see baby ducklings at the park or sometimes we see big construction equipment. This time, we witnessed the Houston Humane Society K-9 Fun Run!

We had noticed that the police had one of the streets blocked off and assumed that some sort of "fun run" was taking place that morning. However, as we were riding along next to the closed street, all of a sudden a pack of people and dogs crested the hill and we were immediately provided with quite a sight! There must have been at least 300 people, each running with at least one dog. There were big dogs and little dogs, fat dogs and skinny dogs. It was amazing to see some of those little dogs running just as fast as dogs 10 times their size!

It was also fun to look at the owner/dog couplings. Some of them definitely belonged together: trim people generally had trim dogs and overweight people generally had overweight dogs. It made me happy that cats don't mirror their people as much as dogs mirror their people. I mean, if you were to look at our cat, you would think that his owners were fat and lazy and only wanted to sleep all day. (And you would be right.)

All in all, the weekend was quite good. I hope everyone else can say the same!!!

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