Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Redundant Hdrs

About 10 times each day, when I walk down the hallway and past the piping group's aisle, I read this note on the wall of one of the piping engineers' cubicles: "Redundant Hdrs"

It refers to the client's insane idea that if we were to include two loops of piping (redundant headers) for each of the plant's utilities, then the plant would never have to stop production in case of required maintenance or a leak in one of these utility headers. They actually made us include these redundant headers in our design for several months until they finally got wise and determined that it was going to cost them way too much for all these extra one-mile-long pieces of piping (the plant is gigantic, I must say) and it really wouldn't make the plant be able to always be on-production, so then we had to delete them all out of our design.

Anyway, every time I walk past and see that note, I read in my head, "Redundant Hors d'Hoeurves" ......Huh?!!

Apparently I'm much more obsessed with food than I'd like to admit.

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Courtney said...

Since I've started this "not eating enough to sustain a bird" thing, anytime food commercials are on tv, I watch them in slow motion and rewind to watch again.

Hubby goes out to eat every day for lunch with his training buddies, so I have him describe his lunch. In excrutiating detail. *sigh* When does it get better?????