Thursday, March 16, 2006

The sounds of packing tape

Well, the sounds of packing tape are echoing around our almost-empty floor here on the project. Yep, my project is winding down, but I still don't know when I get to leave.

Apparently my boss has "de-staffed" himself, but has left me here to take care of anything else that might come up. While this might sound nice, like he has so much faith in my abilities that he feels comfortable doing this, he really only wants out and wants to leave me behind. Ugh.

And since the project is winding down, that means I think I'm actually going to be able to take my Friday off tomorrow! My company works one of those 9-80 work schedules where you're supposed to get every-other Friday off. However, since I returned from maternity leave back in June, I think I've had a total of 4 Fridays off. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to tomorrow!!

Until then...

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Courtney said...

So you ended up getting the day off after all. Was it as good as you'd hoped?