Monday, March 06, 2006

Our Vacation

So, I never did post an update on how we spent our vacation back in February.

The vacation was horrible and relaxing, great fun and stressful. I guess it's what every vacation with small children is like!

The vacation was inaugurated by the boy deciding to not eat any of his normal foods for the first four days, existing only on that one toddler foodgroup: Goldfish.

This, of course, caused all kinds of annoyance to hubby and me, leaving us just as on-edge as the boy was. Once we finally decided "to hell with it, let him starve!!" the boy started eating again.

The boy also decided to begin using the one word, with which I'm pretty sure all parents have a love/hate relationship: "WHY?!" And he hasn't stopped saying it since then.

While I know that it's an important milestone in a child's development, I swear, every night as I'm going to bed that if I hear that word one more time, I'm going to go Van Gogh and cut off both my ears and then stick some crocheting needles in there just to finish off the deal.

To make matters worse, the girl has begun it too. Now all we hear around the house is a chorus of tiny voices saying, "Why? Why? Why? WHY?!...." I'm surprised the cat hasn't joined in.

Getting back to the vacation... We took the kids out sledding every day. It was difficult to get them out in the snow because the boy, of course, didn't want to wear his snow pants. He seemed to be generally freaked out by the entire vacation experience and forcing him to wear these weird things was just too much.

But once we actually got outside and in the snow, he had a lot of fun. And the girl enjoyed it, too. Every time we asked her if she wanted to go out sledding, she would raise both arms over her head and exclaim, "Woo hoo!!!" Very cute.

Hubby and I took turns skiing. One of us would go in the morning while the other was sledding with the kids, then the other would go during "naptime" and get in a couple of hours.

Ah, "naptime". Notice I didn't say during "naps". Neither of the kids took naps the entire time we were there. That was both good and bad. On the one hand, that left us with two manic, over-tired kids the entire time. On the other hand, it meant we put them to bed early every night and we ended up with the rest of the evening to sit and watch the Olympics!

This was the highlight of the vacation for me: watching the Olympics. I LOVE the Olympics. And during this Olympics, I became a fan of curling!!! For some strange reason, I found it fascinating. Even though I had to watch 2 hours of coverage just to see the outcome of the game, I couldn't tear myself away from it. I've decided it's my new favorite Olympic sport. (Ok, not really, but it's close!)

Anyway, the best quotes from the trip:

The boy, in response to a woman's question on the parking shuttle bus at the end of the trip - The woman said, "Do you love your baby sister?" The boy replied, "Yes. Her so cute. And she's got pockets!" (showing just how tired he was - he becomes like a sloppy drunk when he's tired - you have no idea what he's going to say, what he's thinking about, and it usually causes him to begin radomly spouting, "I loooovvve you. I want to give you a kiss....")

The girl, as previously stated, "Woo Hoo!!!" to any mention of sledding.

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