Friday, March 03, 2006

Big Plans

Big plans for the weekend? Well, tonight I'm going to get a pedicure for the very first time. A friend of mine is treating a group of us to pedicures tonight.

I'm a little nervous. Since I've never had a pedicure, I keep wondering if the person giving me the pedicure is going to exclaim, "Wow, I've never seen something like that before!" When she/he sees my dolphin-shaped little pinky toes that have virtually no toenails on them. And that would really be saying something, taking into consideration how many feet they must have seen.

I wonder how in the world she/he (are there actually any men who give pedicures? I doubt it, but I wouldn't know because I've never gotten one before!) will ever get any toenail polish on it. Surely she/he will not do what I always do, which is just paint the entire area around the nail and then assume that after a couple of showers, naturally, the only place the polish could still stick would be the nail part. I mean, how am I really supposed to get close enough to my microscopic pinky toe toenail to actually see it and paint only it?!

I'm also nervous because all of my other friends are pedicure pros. Having had so many pedicures in their lives that, I'm sure, they're able to actually tell what is a good pedicure and what is a bad pedicure.

I always feel like an out-of-place ugly duckling around this set of friends. I'm the only one who doesn't regularly wear makeup. I'm the only one who doesn't absolutely adore going shopping and buying whatever the most current fashion magazines say you're supposed to buy. I'm the only one who doesn't know the names of all the movie stars and what type of handbag each one owns.

I sometimes wish I could fit in with them a little more, but then when I think how much extra effort that would take, I just can't find the energy to actually want it enough.

I'm happy that I have no idea what to look for in designer handbags and footwear. (the only thing I look for in a purse is a strap long enough so that I can wear it across my body like a Miss America sash, something that would certainly never be found on ME!) Call me practical, call me a bit of a tomboy (except when I really actually want to dress up and look nice and then I'll attempt to knock your socks off), and call me out of style, but I'm pretty sure I can have a whole lot more fun in my jeans and hiking shoes or my biking shorts and funny biking shoes with the cleats on them than I could ever have while wearing stylish clothes and makeup. AND I get to include my hubby and kids in those fun times.

Good times, indeed.

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