Monday, March 13, 2006

Look at the Fountain!

This past weekend the girl said her first full sentence! And since she's only 17 months old, I'm going to have to come right out and admit that she is truly a genius.

Anyway, her most favorite word for the last three or four months has been, "LOOK!!!" Said just like that, with all-caps. She relishes the ability to make you look at something. I suppose at some point we'll have to teach her that this is a quite juvenile way to engage in humor, but until she's old enough to understand the word juvenile, I assume we'll have to put up with this kind of thing!

I've gotten very used to her pointing at things and saying, "LOOK!!!" at which point, I will look in the general direction and say, "Yes, I see the kitty!" or whatever else I think she might be looking at until I guess the correct thing and she stops saying "LOOK!!!"

So, on Saturday, she was looking out the window at our finally finished back patio, saying, "LOOK!!!" I couldn't see anything she was looking at, so I asked her, "What? What do you see?" And she said, "Look at the fountain!" Just like that. Not "Look fountain" or "Look at fountain" but "Look at the fountain!"

Ok, ok, I suppose it's possible that her tongue just somehow stumbled over some sounds and made it sound like she said those specific words and I suppose that anyone who doesn't hear her on a day-to-day basis and knows how to decifer her language might not have actually heard those words, but I'm telling you, it was clear as day.

In fact, yesterday as we were walking over a bridge close to our house, she said, "Look at the truck!" and pointed at the construction trucks that were down below us.

Of course, hubby thinks I'm overexaggerating her volubility (yep, used a thesaurus to come up with that one) and doesn't seem to want to believe me. It doesn't help that when he asks her about it, she either looks at him with a blank expression or responds, "Dikuh badah kup."

But it was real and I'm marking it in her baby book.

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