Wednesday, March 08, 2006


As I stated before, I became interested in curling during the Olympics and subjected the family to several hours worth of exciting curling coverage while we were on our vacation (and even after we got home!).

For those of you who didn't watch this riveting sport, one player slides a large "stone" down the ice and once they let go of it, it's up to the other members of the team to sweep the ice to make sure the rock goes where they want it to go. The person who initially throws the stone, watches it travel down the ice and yells to the other players whether or not they should sweep. They will yell things like, "Yes!" or "No, no..." or "Hard!", making anyone in an adjoining room, unable to see the TV, wonder what in the world you might be watching.

So, every once in a while now, the boy will go get his little broom that came with his Dirt Devil play set and start sweeping away at the floor, yelling, "HAAARRRRDDD!!"

I'm so proud.


Courtney said...

Curling? Really?

shara said...

Curling is quite a bit of fun, actually. Except for the falling gracelessly on your butt on the ice.