Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back to the bodily functions

Been one more week without an update on the bodily functions, so it's time...

The boy... well, now that I've been trying not to care quite so much about it, it's at least easier for me.

Actually, I think he IS getting better. On Sunday morning, Monday morning, and this morning, he actually pooped on the toilet with no problems. Tonight, however, apparently, he wasn't getting enough attention, so he pooped in his pants. But, I'm trying not to let it get to me...

We went spent some time with some friends this past weekend who told us their boys did almost exactly the same thing as our son has been doing. And it took them several weeks to break their boys of the habit of pooping in their pants. So, maybe it's not quite as strange as we thought it was.

The girl... after I got home tonight, we changed the girl into some "big girl underwear" and asked her if she needed to go pee-pee. And she did! On the toilet!

And then, something really amazing happened after supper tonight - she told us that she had to go pee and she hadn't gone yet! That's a first. So, I hurried her to the toilet and she went. Ha! Ha, ha, ha!!! I can hardly contain my glee. :)

So... baby steps. We're working on it and we might actually be making progress!

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