Monday, July 24, 2006

Yeah, Floyd!

So, Floyd Landis won the Tour de France! He had a great time trial on Saturday and was able to take the yellow jersey for the final time that day. Way cool!

Now he just has to go get his hip replaced and see if he can return to form for next year! Yeah - isn't it weird that all of the American Tour de France winners overcome some kind of adversity to win the Tour?

Greg LeMond got shot by his brother-in-law in a hunting accident after he won one Tour, but recovered and went on to win two more.

Lance Armstrong survived advanced cancer and ended up winning seven Tours de France.

Now Floyd Landis has been living with chronic hip pain and will get his hip replaced during the off-season. We'll see how that affects the rest of his career...

Anyway, Yay, Floyd! Another American winner of the Tour de France!

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