Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No Chain

So, my regular readers (all three of you) now know that I'm a big fan of George Hincapie. George is the only member of Lance Armstrong's team who was on the team for all of Lance's seven Tour de France wins. So, he and Lance are good friends.

During all their time together, they came up with a kind of "code word" for when they were having a good day on the bike: no chain. They felt so good on the bike that they felt like they were pedalling along with no chain on the bike - no resistance.

I pretty much feel the chain every time I ride! Especially now that most of my riding is done with either 24 or 40 extra pounds on the back of the bike. :)

Tonight, however, my husband got a taste of riding with no chain. His chain broke! We were out for our "family bike ride night", and as we were going up a hill, his chain broke clean off his bike.

We were only 3 miles away from home, but still thought that would be a rather long walk home, so we decided instead to limp along for a little less than a mile and get to the park where we were planning to have our picnic. Then I could leave them all there and come back with the car to get them.

So, my husband got back on his chainless bike and I rode next to him and pushed him along. It was at least a good workout for me. :)

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