Thursday, July 20, 2006




WOW! That's about all I can say about today's Tour de France stage! You know how I said it wasn't looking good for the US for the rest of the Tour? Well, Floyd Landis did something incredible today.

Today's stage had 5 mountain climbs to go over. So on the first climb of the day, Floyd decided to put it into high gear and ride away from everyone else.

Of course, all of the other riders thought he was crazy and figured he'd run out of steam well before the end of the stage.

Not so!! He stayed away for the entire stage and gained back almost all of the time he lost yesterday. It was an amazing ride. Something that will go down in the history books. Seriously.

So, he's now in third place, only 30 seconds behind the guy who's in first place. There's one more stage where anything can happen - Saturday's Individual Time Trial. And Floyd is a great time-trialist. He's got a serious chance. I'm so happy for him!

We've been DVR'ing all of the stages and re-watching them every night. On Tuesday - the first big day in the mountains!- my husband was out of town, so he missed all the coverage and didn't know what had happened. So when he got home at midnight, we watched the coverage. Until 3am. Yeah, we're a little stupid when it comes to watching bike racing.

So now, I'm off to settle in for a long night of watching today's coverage that we DVR'd from this morning. It's a good thing the Tour will be finished on Sunday. I can't take these late nights for much longer! :)

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