Monday, July 17, 2006

Poop Update

We're still having trouble with the boy. He still likes to poop in his pants. Yes, he likes it. I swear, everyone we talk to about our potty training issues tells us that someday, he won't be afraid to poop on the potty. No, that's not the problem. He's not afraid, he just seems to prefer to do it in his underwear.

This past week, we've not been asking him if he needs to go. Occasionally, I'll tell him something like, "You know that if you need to go potty, you should tell us. I expect you to tell me." - hoping that it's just the pressure of being asked about it all the time that is making him reluctant to go.

And it has actually kind of been working. He's maybe 75% underwear, 25% toilet these days. You know, I find it kind of depressing that I'm excited about those numbers. "Someday," I keep telling myself.

And the girl really can't force herself to produce another "penis" - she got way too freaked out about that. But, we also haven't been pushing the whole thing with her so much, either. She mostly wears pull-ups these days, but treats them like diapers. Whatever. I'm just not all that worried about her.

Anyway, since it had been a week since I wrote about the poop, I figured I'd better let you all know how it was going! I know you just live for these poop updates, right? :)

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